Monday, September 30, 2019

Piece inspired by ‘Of Mice and Men’ Essay

The sun was blazing down on the yard outside the barn. The group of men were playing a horse shoe tournament. Lennie was still sitting down on a barrel, watching the other guys play. In the distance he saw a man walking towards them with a trail of dust bellowing from his feet. It was Curly. Everyone went silent as he swaggered up to Slim. â€Å"Av, you seen my wife! † â€Å"No, she’s probably bunking up with the Nigger! † muttered Carlson. Everyone began to chuckle, Lennie didn’t hear what Carlson had said but he started to laugh so he wouldn’t stand out. He laughed so loud that in the end he did stand out. Curly stormed over to him, he had a menacing look on his face. Lennie stopped laughing immediately and began to hide his face. â€Å"What the hell you laughing at? † Curly asks as he looks down on Lennie. â€Å"Nu.. Nu.. Nothing† Stuttered Lennie. Everyone fell silent as Curly started to crack his knuckles in a fighting fashion. â€Å"Come on, you big bastard. Get up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. I’ll show you who’s yellow. † Curly yanks Lennie up on his feet and starts pummelling into his stomach and face. As Lennie is taking this beating he looks up and looks into Georges eyes. Everything starts slowing down in Lennie’s brain and all he can hear is George’s voice repeating â€Å"Get him Lennie. Don’t let him do it! † Slim rushes to George and says† The dirty little rat. I’ll get him myself. † â€Å"Wait a minute. Get him Lennie! † George shouts. Then the tables turn. Lennie grabs Curly by the shirt and lifts him high above the ground. Lennie is a blur and begins to bear hug Curly. Curly is totally refrained from doing anything to Lennie. Then all the men hear groaning noises coming from Curly. A loud yell cry comes from the mouth of Curly as the men hear his back breaking. Each spinal column crunching into each other. Everyone realises that it’s time to get Lennie off of Curly before he kills him. â€Å"Let go of him Lennie. Let go! † George screams as he jumps onto Lennie’s arms. â€Å"Let go of him Lennie. Let go. Slim, come and help me while the guy got no back left. As the men prize Lennie ofF he is still in a blur, he suddenly just drops Curly and runs onto a haystack crying†. You told me to George! † â€Å"I know I did Lennie, I know I did†,George whispers to Lennie as he sits and comforts him. Slim walks over to Curly who was lying on the floor having lots of short spasms in his back. â€Å"Looks like every bone in his back is bust† Slim says as he analysed Curly’s injury.

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