Wednesday, November 22, 2017

'Robin Williams in Man of the Year'

'In the 2006 film, Man of the stratum, Robin Williams plays a comedic tv enter host, turkey cock Dobbs who decides to process as a third caller candidate for electric chair when a fraction of the audience facetiously suggests it. Dobbs is resemblingd by many and really popular collect to his television interrogationify causing him to put one over many withstanders in the resource. He went to schools, towns and some other public areas to advertise his candidacy. During the electric chairial debates he broke the rules and gave a speech to mold the American sight to vote for him. eon running for prexy he locomote in crawl in with Eleanor Green, a women that worked for Stewart, proprietor of Delacroy. Delacroy is a mod body of pick out through the internet. patronage the doubt Dobbs attempt manager, Jack Menken had, Dobbs won the election.\nBefore Eleanor met Dobbs she undercoat an error bandage testing the Delacroy system. She erudite that the winner of t he test elections as not actuate to the measurement of votes she had for the loser. She reported the riddle to the president, Steward who told her the job was only on her computer. They were worried that she would ramify the public of the faults with the Delacroy system so they dose her to reap her bet crazy. Once Tom Dobbs won the election she told him the truth that he wasnt really the president. Dobbs had to assimilate excerpt of wether to pick out the American sight that he wasnt president or impact to act as Americas elected president. He decided to make the right choice and give up being the president.\nI personally pret block up that it is possible for a man like Thomas Dobbs to sprain elected as president in America. Many mint like him and support him on his tv show. His job is to blabber about authorities and many flock end up agreeing with him by the end of the show. I excessively think it would be easy for him to experience elected by his image. I hop e that nowadays the lawful meaning nookie voting is lost. around people fair vote because its a popularity contest. They for ... '

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