Friday, November 24, 2017

'Clashing Views of Race and Ethnicity'

'The two articles we atomic number 18 to examine for this endeavor deal with the outcome of in-migration to the U.S. and whether or not the fence is racial. On the Yes position, encouraging the presumption that the in-migration debate in the U.S. is very racist and discriminatory to antithetical shades, particularly Latinos and Mexicans is Carlos Fuentes, a prominent Mexican writer and friendly commentator, while on the No side is Samuel Huntington, a political science activistic and Albert Weatherhead III, a prof from Harvard. The argument for immigration and the assimilation of immigrants into the U.S. rests on the fact that immigrants act ethnic and pagan diversity to the unite States and they provide affordable labor for some(prenominal) of the tasks most Americans would kind of not do, life-giving our economy. On the other side, the argument against immigration is based on the assumption that Latino ending is so drastically different from American gloss iness that there is no hope of invariably assimilating them completely into American culture and that the immigrants will ride out at odds with American culture and challenges the unity of the dry land as a whole. Also, they say that these incoming immigrants from Central and sulphur America atomic number 18 actively victorious jobs from poorer Americans and add to the already serious abomi commonwealth problem in inner city communities.\nI take issue with the stance against immigration to the United States because I, myself, am an immigrant from Nigeria. My father is a contributing fragment of American society, we talk English and create assimilated quite efficaciously to where people cannot single out I am African because I dress, speak, act and postulate myself an American. America is at its heart nation of immigrants. The debate against immigration would have us forget that many a(prenominal) of the Caucasians clamoring for the settlement of all immigrants we re some(prenominal) generations ago immigrants themselves as their forefathers were definitely not the first to be the Americ...'

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