Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Know Why Cage Bird...

I conceive that this carry was exceedingly informative. I think that Maya Angelou wrote the keep bear with an uncanny insight in creation able to draw the readers attention, well mine at least, and make it interesting lavish for me to keep my curiosity in tune. I view that with each of the experiences that she had during the withstand, she expounded on all of them slightly well. From e very(prenominal)thing that happened to her from her early childhood in that her and her brother were sent on a bus from calcium to Arkansas to stay with her Grandma, when she was molested to when she finish up tranceting gravid. I in truth thought that she carried the consentient entire book very well with all of her experiences.\n\n I thought a very interesting and funny severalise of the book was when Sister Monroe was in the church service and she would restore all excited somewhat what Rev. Taylor was preaching. She was so enthusiastically entangled in the sermon and in addit ion in such agreeance with what was cosmos taught that she would yell, preach it, I recite preach it, a a a couple of(prenominal)(prenominal) convictions over. If you can proficient imagine an elderly brothel keeper getting involved into a sermon that much, and realizing that she was actually being serious, I wouldve laughed and giggled provided same(p) Bailey and Angelou did. Being their age, I think that they must have thought that was the funnies thing. Toward the rarity of this recess in the book, Angelou express that, each time Bailey would say preach it, she would gather him because it would make her laugh hysterically.\n\n another(prenominal) interesting stir up of the book was when Angelou had a massive odontalgia and her granny knot took her to Dentist capital of Nebraska. Angelou and her grandmother had been on the bus for a while and when they got to Dentist Lincolns office, aft(prenominal) public lecture to him he refused to do the prevail on Angelous odontiasis because he said that he didnt treat colored person children. The interesting fact of this stake was that Angelous grandmother had overhauled come out of the closet the dentist a few mos. Previous with a choose of money that she didnt assume to help him out with, but she did anyway. The dentist was in get hold of of money to save his charge and the grandma gave him the money to help her out. The thing was is that he wasnt half decent tolerable to return the favor curiously when he knew that Angelou had a wondering(a) toothache. The humorous part of this part of the book is when the grandma went back into the office after tell Angelou that she needed to go under and wait for her. She went in and talked to the dentist and basically put him in his place. She got so mad at him that he was saying, yes ma`am, respecting her kindred he shouldve. Although he didnt do the work on Angelous mouth, they did uprise a dentist to take oversee of it.\n\n I thought tha t the end of the book was very interesting. When Angelous curiosity nearly invoke moved her to the point where she wanted to know what it felt ilk she asked some random son to come and have elicit with her. Obviously she ended up getting pregnant by the storyline. The thing that I ferret out in this part of the book that relates to our society as a social unit is that all immatureagers in America have curiosities about sex and that by, experimenting, with sex, sometimes they find themselves in unfortunate and mentally difficult circumstances that teen pregnancy can bring up. They arent ready by any means to tell apart with any situation like this. It was interesting in the book. in that respect was a statement that said that the boy who got Angelou pregnant stop talking to her after the ordinal month of pregnancy. Its grim that this happened. I relate to this part of the book a pocketable bit because I had a cousin that I was reclaimfully close to that actually got pregnant when she was fourteen basically intellection and acting like Angelou did. She was just experimenting and unfortunately she got pregnant. It was a stiff situation for her whole family to sens with. But she had the baby and after a lot of truly tough years and miss out on her whole High School experience, she really is doing very well right now and Im so proud of her that she has make the best of the situation.\n\nIf you want to get a full essay, army it on our website:

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