Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Evolution of Technology

We live in a time when we atomic number 18 to a greater extent engine room advanced than we ever were. However, this is only the start of what is to come. It is put one across everyday, that rising innovations are incessantly world thought up and a lot of query and development is being do to pursue these technical dreams. impudently technology answers us in our everyday lives and it almost seems that it is a necessity for the average someone or average task in an economy to survive. Whether it being a bran-new modishness phone that connects contrastes with suppliers on the whole almost the world or new machinery that surrenders businesses to produce much(prenominal) production in a to a greater extent efficient and timely manner. The social function of the fact is that technology is all around us and has helped withdraw people and businesses more than efficient, which has a direct relationship to the increment of a healthy economy.\nFor instance, as techno logy evolves more and more research is being do to create these new technological products. This research and development be money and investment, which directly contributes to the harvest-tide in an economys GDP. As well, for new technologies to be created it needs employees who are skilled enough to realise these technologies, which helps reduce the unemployment rate in an economy. Moreover, in a business standpoint, newer technology allows a business to reduce costs and allow the business to create outputs more efficiently. For example, back in the earliest 1900s when Henry Ford created the collection soak up, a new technology at the time. This allowed car manufacturers to render costs because the assembly distinguish allowed car manufacturers to build cars more easily and at a faster rate. Furthermore, because of the assembly line in place, car manufacturers did non need as many an(prenominal) employees in place to help with the installation of car parts. This greatly reduced their costs and helped increase outputs. And the increase in outputs allowed for more cars to be produced and purchased, which in figure led to greater revenue...

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