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The Enlighten ment is the age of reason, virtue, and knowledge. It makes the individual who they atomic number 18 and binds club to halther. The documents A Vindication of the Rights of Women and Emile welcome extreme contrasts on the views of women in development and morality. They differ in both educational activity and what region apiece sex plays in society. Rousseau and Mary Wollstonecraft have very contrary views on a womens role in society. twain agree that men and women atomic number 18 non follow stock-still; Wollstonecraft believes that the no sex should hold superiority oer another. Wollstonecraft advocated that men and women should be equal in particular aspects of life-time much(prenominal) as, mortality. She also viewed womens education differently than Rousseau. Rousseau believed women should follow the highroad that nature indicates, meaning that women are there only for the fun of their husbands. plot of ground Wollstonecraft believ ed that women should be independent in all in all aspects of life including education. Wollstonecraft states that, the most perfect education is an exercise of the mind as is best calculated to streng then the body and digit the heart. She believes that society would strengthen by men educating women because they are the educators of their children. She dedicates that women are unfastened of rationality or abstract thoughts it is just viewed, as they are dependent on the troops because men defy to prepare women. Men believe that the women are dependent on the man and if women were to be better they would become more(prenominal) on an independent. While Rousseau goes on to say, when we decide to educate them like men, the more women agree men, the less influence they will have everywhere them, and then men will truly be the masters. He is liberation on to say that women and men are equal, precisely not in the same way. Women are to be educated to enthral them, to be us eful to them, to make ones self loved, and ! prestigious by them, to raise their young, to care for them when they are grown, to advise them,...If you neediness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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