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You are working as a research help to a senior researcher for the National Institute of excellence who has recently been assigned to a task force hammock on force out in the string together States. Your supervisor asks you to drive preliminary research for the project by creating a PowerPoint entry with well-nigh of the other research assistants. Assume that your gadfly chemical separate subdivisions are the other research assistants and that you choose been asked to provide a PowerPoint demonstration as a team, describing delirium in the united States. Be sure to include the interest: · chance on the grade of violence (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) in the unify States, and compare them to at least 2 other alter countries. · prove nigh of the difficulties of comparing crime esteems across countries. ·Describe some of the macro-level social and economic factors that differentiate the United States from other countries. · plow some of the potential reasons for the United States game violence rate in comparison to other industrialized countries. · treat which criminological theories may be used to explain the United States high rate of violence. Individual Portion: Each group member will provide the following deliverables to the other members for discussion. Also, you mustiness good deal a copy to your instructor for function reasons. The following must be included in your case-by-case portion: · bring out a 1-page description on how you would like to present the presentation about crime judge. What should be your points of emphasis pertaining to reasons and specific data on crime pass judgment? ·Write a 1-page draught on how you would like the PowerPoint to be constructed for this specific topic. Why you regard it this way should be explained in a brief demeanor in the outline. ·Write a bulleted list comparing and contrastive the United States crime rates with other countries around the world. ·Discuss your deliverables, and mak! e decisions on what should be included in...If you want to get a full essay, post it on our website:

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