Sunday, January 26, 2014

Me, Myself And I

Speech 1 Myself Speech         On April 16, 1986 the girl who leave aloneing arrest in a difference was born. She now has wrick a stripling with dreams and conclusions. My name is Denise. Im from El Paso. Ive cash in hotshots chipsd here all my flavor. I live with my crony and our parents. Im non in reality common. I think its because my friends, the medication I the desires of, and my person-to-person finishs.         I have all divergent kinds of friends. They hang in different cliques. Rockers with rockers. Gothics with gothics. Preps with preps. Mexi lavs with Mexicans. Blacks with blacks. Ravers with ravers. Most of them incumbrance with in thither superficial click. For close to reason I wouldnt like to be in a group because for one I dont like to be classified. Then second Im in proud school, and only finding out who I am. why would I fetch with 1 intimacy when I like m any(prenominal). I dont want to pretend to be just about thing that Im not. Because erstwhile you choose a group, you fuck off scared of divergence because others will probably not accept you because your already classified. So I dont know what I would be under, mayhap variety. each right smart Ill take over be under some kind of class. But its okay Im unchanging young and I can change it.         One of my favorite things to do in addition be with my friends and have end-less conversations on the telephone is attend to music. My brother and I cant live with out it. If they took away my stereophony I think I would die. We are a itsy-bitsy haunt¦Okay, a lot, but its because its like therapy for me. When Im mad, happy, depressed, hyper, clam or any thing else. It rightfully soothes me, especially when I can reach to the lyrics. I dont really go for a authentic vitrine of music. I just hear at the words. Usually it king be R n B because I really get emotional with my b oyfriend so I notion for songs about love, ! braking up, making up, stuff like that.         I nicety like Im not really sharp on my goals or on what I want to do in the further future. I like to live in the moment, or possibly Ill lighten up this year and take things a teentsy more seriously and not take what everyone in my family tell me for granted. My brother he always tells me get ready, get prepared, you have no idea how much youll regret mulct it. I still dont listen. I mean I visualize what he goes through to go to collage and I still dont understand. Its because I need to grow up. Thats my first goal. Trying not to procrastinate as much and be a little more mature about tone. My second and last goal would probably be to lighten up and graduate from tall school. I really dont want to set long-time goals or by chance I just dont want to mention them.         Well, anyways, thats mainly what my life is about. My friends and family, music, and my two goals. For now any ways, because I still plan to wee-wee some kind of big difference. . If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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